College Womens Association of Japan

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About Us

Since its inception in 1949, the College Women's Association of Japan (CWAJ) has been a nonprofit, volunteer organization of Japanese and non-Japanese women interested in education, cross-cultural exchange, and friendship. (Click here for more about our History) Offering opportunities for women from all over the world to share unique cultural experiences with their Japanese peers, CWAJ provides a long-term link with Japan as well as the immediate benefits of a wide range of activities in and around Tokyo. The CWAJ membership of 550 women from 30 countries work together in CWAJ's unique Co-Chair system of pairing Japanese and non-Japanese members for each working committee.

The Scholarship and Education programs are funded by donations and the internationally-renowned annual CWAJ Print Show, an exhibition and sale of Japanese prints. Every year scholarships are awarded to women graduates, some from other countries wanting to further their studies in Japan. Scholars come from every continent. Recent scholars have come from Kenya, Bangladesh, Mongolia, and China. One scholarship category is dedicated to non-Japanese women undertaking advanced Japanese language studies at the Inter-University Center in Yokohama. Another scholarship category is for men and women with visual impairment.

CWAJ has built an extensive reputation for its English language services in various sections of the community. These programs adapt to current needs and resources. Committed CWAJ members work side-by-side providing these services. Volunteers assist visually impaired students in English and art appreciation programs. They provide weekly programs for Japanese returnee children to maintain their English language skills. In addition, language and cultural exchange programs encourage foreign students in Tokyo.