Greater Golden Hill CDC

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1235 28th Street
San Diego
United States

About Us

In 1991, community members established the Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corp (GGHCDC). The goal of the residents was to have a non-profit agency that could receive and spend money on their behalf. An agency governed by them, and focused on improving the quality of life for all residents of Golden Hill. Their vision accomplished this through capital expenditures on crumbling infrastructure. Over the years that same vision has grown and matured. Today, the GGHCDC engages residents and businesses in a broad vision of the community future that encourages affordable housing; assures community economic and cultural diversity; optimizes environmental quality; supports academic, cultural and environmental community service; technically assists local small businesses; revitalizes community transportation corridors; supports property and business improvement; celebrates and preserves Greater Golden Hill’s historical architecture; and empowers low-income residents. The GGHCDC has a fifteen-year history of achievement and good-will building in the neighborhood. Its programs have preserved the historic and unique character of our community while bringing about physical improvement and fostering cultural, educational and economic opportunities to improve the quality of neighborhood life.