Promoting Enduring Peace

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About Us

"Peace on Earth. Peace with Earth."

Promoting Enduring Peace, founded in 1952, works for the fusion of the peace, environment, and social justice movements and the linking of those movements to the millions of Americans who support their essential and complementary goals.

The mission of Promoting an Enduring Peace is to conduct peace education promoting the advent of a harmonious planetary commonwealth through the convergence of the worldwide movements for disarmament, social justice, and environmental stewardship as the foundation of a sustainable peace.

Founded by Yale Professor Jerome Davis over half a century ago, Promoting Enduring Peace (PEP) conducts peace education to promote sustainable world peace. The essence of PEP's unique approach is the realization that world peace, social justice, and environmental harmony are interdependent and inseparable.

PEP, an accredited United Nations NGO (non-governmental organization), has since its founding presented significant conferences related to world peace, distributed over 10 million free peace education articles to educators in 52 nations, conducted citizen diplomacy around the globe, and honored peace heroes via the Gandhi Peace Award.