Finca La Libertad

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Colonia La Libertad

Costa Rica

About Us

Finca La Libertad is a working organic permaculture and natural building farm in the North West of Costa Rica in a town called Colonia la Libertad. With the help of volunteers we are practising permaculture design and implementation combined with our ideals of organic living. We strive to make all of our structures from natural building materials including sustainably harvested wood, cob, bamboo and natural oils. We are also trying to recycle and compost all of the waste from our farm through our chicken tractor, worm farm and composting toilet.

At Finca La Libertad we are aiming to create a model of sustainability and a big part of this is food production. Through the use of permaculture design we attempt to produce all of the food that we need from day to day to enjoy a healthy organic diet. We believe that permaculture allows a state of self sustainability and self empowerment which is a complicated challenge for most people. Through permaculture practice we hope to become less dependent on the sources which have monopolized control over basic goods and to gain a better understanding of the many uses of everything in our natural environment.

At Finca La Libertad we believe that all building projects should be as sutainable as possible and we try to use organic/natural or low impact building materials in all of our buildings.

We are keen carpenters and have a square rule timberframe house which was completed in August 2010. In May 2011 We completed our composting toilet which was built using a dead hardwood as a foundation and un-milled round wood for the frame. We a

lso build using wattle and daub, cob, stone and other low impact materials