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About Us

With climate change threatening extraordinary impacts on our planet Earth, the role of the ecological designer has become one of the most critical in the 21st century. "Design with Nature" is our focus and we believe that ecological design can change the world.

For over a decade, Ecosa Institute of Prescott, Arizona, has taught designers how to practice a holistic nature-centric approach to the creation of habitats, products, and landscapes. Ecosa Institute offers a semester certificate program in Ecological Design in Spring and Fall. Sign up at

During the semester, community-based design projects provide the focus for in-depth, cross-disciplinary and hands-on explorations in all aspects of energy, water, and materials efficiency, as well as healthy building design.

Thread Weavers will guide students in learning about design, environmental issues, communication arts, landscape, whole systems thinking and ecological economics, among other topics. Design experience is not required; only the ability and enthusiasm to communicate your ideas to others.

Ecosa Institute has taken initial steps to design and fund a student education center on a small part of its 65 acres in Prescott's iconic Granite Dells. This land was recently purchased with a generous donation and plans are to study and preserve this precious and unique ecology for all to enjoy.

Students at Ecosa Institute will play a role in developing and implementing "Design with Nature" strategies in and around the new building. Donations to this cause are always welcome.

Our students have gone on to accomplish great things. Examples of alumni positions include: water resource officer, vice president design/engineering, architect, interior designer, electrical engineer, nursery manager, trail restorer, teacher of ecological design, landscape designer, graphic artist, urban planning and design, oceanography, horticulture specialist, sustainability coordinator, construction project manager, organic farmer and green-building consultant.

 Our alumni say:

“Most challenging, inspirational and life-changing semester of my life and career.” 

“The Ecosa Institute experience has been a keystone in my educational path, precisely because it doesn’t narrow its scope with a specialized mindset. Rather, it takes a diverse integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the key issues directly related to our relationships with each other and the environment.”

"This course was by far one of the best intensive learning programs I've ever taken. I walked away incredibly inspired and with many tools. Their mission is to teach ecological design which includes landscape design, architecture, and the design of communities and cities to explore the exciting challenge of creating a healthy, just and sustainable world. I recommend checking them out and taking their Ecological Design certification program!"