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About Us

The International Sports and Music Project (ISMP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to creating sports and music opportunities for kids in vulnerable communities around the world. We work to build a world where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy sports and music because we strongly believe that these two activities transcend all borders, languages, races and religions to connect and empower youth.

Many people living in impoverished communities lack opportunities for enjoyment and expression. Our programs serve as expressive outlets that enable people not just to enjoy themselves, but to feel fulfilled and stay healthy. Studies repeatedly find that sports and music are beneficial to brain development, as well as positive physical and mental health.

ISMP has operated sports and music programs at an under-served school in Micronesia, an orphanage in Rwanda, a refugee camp in Greece and a homeless shelter in New York.

We are currently working on expanding our impact by offering more to our current partners and growing to support additional partners in Greece, Africa and the United States.

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