Perception Is Everything, Inc.

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8741 Bearing Point
West Palm Beach
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About Us


Perception Is Everything, Inc. was incorporated to provide a service to our target clientele who are veterans, recovering addicts, at-risk youth, dropouts, abused women in shelters, the homeless, the unemployed, students and graduates, who all fall within the low-income level in South Florida.

Our 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization was incorporated in June, 2011 with the mission of empowering low-income employment candidates to improve their odds of becoming gainfully employed, productive citizens through free seminar workshops on the following topics:

  • Creating An Effective Cover Letter & Resume
  • Realistic Career Choices
  • Using Social Media In The Job Search
  • Job Application Process
  • Business Attire & Proper Hygiene (complete with donated business attire, when available)
  • Business Communication
  • English Grammar
  • Candidate Rights (What Is Too Much Information?)
  • Interviewing Techniques (with skits by our clients demonstrating real interviewing scenarios)
  • Business Etiquette
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Administrative Assistant Skills

The not-for-profit organization was incorporated because our Board of Directors concurred on the degree of urgency in low-income communities due largely to a lack of the services we now provide. Our vast experience as recruiters and trainers exposed us to the dire need for training and education of job candidates in the areas of information, preparedness, articulation and presentation.  Our approach is to conduct free seminars or information workshops on appropriate business attire and hygiene, business communication and grammar, business etiquette, the job application process, including applicant rights, interviewing do's and don'ts with skits demonstrating the interview process and realistic career choices based upon education, experience and skills. We also provide referrals to adult education centers, job training facilities, recruiters and human resources managers associated with our program.

Our services are desperately needed in the low-income communities, especially for our homeless, students and graduates and our veterans in the low-income bracket, and we are ready to inform those citizens who would greatly benefit from our seminars and from donations of appropriate business clothing. We desperately need assistance in spreading the word about our charity, so help with outreach would be immensely appreciated. Our current partners in empowerment are Oasis Compassion Agency, Urban Youth Impact, The Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County, The School District of Palm Beach County, Faith Cathedral Worship Center, Hope Lutheran Church, and Caribbean Americans For Community Involvement.  We are excited to improve our clients' odds of carving out their slices of the employment "PIE."