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Match Education is the shared brand name of Match Charter Public School, The Match School Foundation, Inc., and The Sposato Graduate School of Education®.

Match Education is an engine of discovery and applied innovation in education. We operate high-performing urban public charter schools and a unique graduate school of education that trains teachers for high-poverty schools. Out of this applied work, we refine, validate empirically, and eventually disseminate new ideas and practices on core questions in education reform.

Our entities, using the Match Education shared brand name, focus on the following areas of work:

  • Match Schools. Match Public Charter School is a high-performing, innovative charter public school in Boston, serving students from PreK to 12th grade on multiple campuses across the city. The school is widely recognized for its ability to prepare students academically for college success.*
  • Match Teachers. The Sposato Graduate School of Education® grants a Master's in Effective Teaching (MET) degree. Our approach to training teachers is unconventional. It stresses long hours, highly directed coaching from master educators, and repetitive practice of basic teaching and classroom management techniques. The most recognized charter schools in the country hire our graduates and pay us to train them.
  • Match Export. Match Export, which is operated out of The Match School Foundation, Inc., is our vehicle for sharing the inventions we develop in our applied work. We publish what we learn in a broad range of outlets, from academic journals to the popular press, and we increasingly partner with districts, graduates schools of education, and policy makers nationally who are interested in replicating our work and learning from our applied research.

Already Match has met the challenge of a disadvantaged and underserved student body:

  • In early December 2006, the Match School became one of 8 charter high schools in the nation cited for outstanding results, out of over 400 reviewed by the US Department of Education. All eight schools were noted for "setting and aggressively pursuing high expectations," "achieving success in closing achievement gaps," and "meeting the needs of underserved students."
  • US Department of Education (USDOE). In 2008, the USDOE recognized Match High School as one of 8 best charter high schools in the country.
  • US News & World Report. In 2009, US News & World Report ranked Match High School in the top 3% of US public high schools.
  • Newsweek. In 2007 and 2009, Newsweek ranked Match High School among the top 100 US public high schools.
  • New Leaders for New Schools and USDOE. Five times between 2008-09 and 2011-12, New Leaders for New Schools and the USDOE recognized Match Middle School and Match High School as EPIC Award winners for student achievement gains on MCAS exams
  • Match has been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, on CNN and NPR, etc., for various innovations.

But don't be fooled! We are not yet satisfied. To fully prepare our students to succeed in college, we need them to succeed in advanced courses, in AP classes, on their SATs. So even though our kids have come a long way, they need you to truly fulfill their potential.

*Match Charter Public School is its own local education agency (LEA). The charter receives public funding from both the state and federal governments, and is tuition-free and open to any Boston resident. It operates autonomously. For more information about our governance model, please click here.

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