Hawthorne Valley Farm Place Based Learning Center

  • NY


327 Route 21C
United States

About Us

Hawthorne Valley Place-Based Learning Center, located on Hawthorne Valley Farm, is part of Hawthorne Valley Association, an educational not-for-profit organization. Since 1972, on-farm education has been an integral part of our work. Over the years, our educational offerings have grown from serving school groups to offering farm tours, providing farmer training, and crafting special family and group activities.

Hawthorne Valley Place-Based Learning Center seeks to inspire, strengthen, and transform the connection between people and the living land.

Through our on-farm learning programs, we strive to foster connections to the land that sustains us all. The farm is a place for both children and adults to rediscover the earth as the ground of all life. Through experiences on the farm, visitors and leaders alike stretch boundaries and realize new inner capacities. Happy exploring and we hope to see you on the farm in the near future!