Nature's Classroom

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19 Harrington Rd
United States

About Us

Nature's Classroom provides experiential, environmental education opportunities to students across New England. Classes of students spend up to a week at a time living and learning at one of 14 centers in MA, CT, RI, ME, NH, and NY. In 40 years, we've helped over 750,000 students learn about their place in an interconnected world. 

Each week we:

  • Make learning fun by inspiring students’ curiosity and creativity!
  • Provide relevant, experiential, inquiry-based educational opportunities, using resources outside of school classrooms, to build on school curriculum in general and science learning in particular.
  • Facilitate students’ exploration and discovery of the world around them, fostering a connection to the natural world, and empowering students to become environmental stewards.
  • Build peer communities and student/teacher relationships, while developing individuals’ self-confidence, self-awareness, and skills.
  • Create a supportive learning environment that fosters growth and recognizes value in everyone.