Center For Health Adolescents Uganda

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About Us

Center for Health Adolescents Uganda (CHAU) is a registered not for profit organization which aims at reducing youth health problems in Uganda.

The Center for Adolescent Health is committed to assisting both rural and urban youth in becoming healthy and productive adults. Together with the community, the Center promotes youth health, conducts research that identifies the needs and strengths of young people and designs programs to promote the health and well-being of young people.

Our Goals To accomplish this mission CHAU has four basic goals. a) To reduce youth health problems through promotion of health services among young people (14-25 years of age) in areas where health services are poor and inadequate b) To advocate and implement interventions which can promote health and ensure respect for the young people. c) To coordinate community resources to Provide psycho-social support, nutrition, and sustainable live hood services for the young people. d) Prevention and control of diseases amongst the youth.


The fundamental mission is to work in partnership with youth, people who work with youth, community residents, public policy makers, and program administrators to help adolescents develop healthy adult lifestyles through health promotion, research, preventive primary health and social services, while efficiently utilizing limited resources.

This will include assessing and serving the needs of the underserved/vulnerable populations and designing programs and services which are appropriate