Brooklyn Movement Center

  • NY

About Us

The Brooklyn Movement Center is a direct-action community organizing group based in Central Brooklyn. With neighbors and community allies, we are establishing a base of members looking to fight for social justice in the area. We are a place where community organizing is connected with good ideas and progressive policies as a way to bring power to Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights residents.

Our organizing strategy lives at the intersection of traditional grassroots community organizing, a strong communications platform and relevant public policy analysis. We believe that, beyond bringing people to the table, it is important to transform how we see our neighborhoods and how we talk about community issues.

2013 Issues & Work

This year, we're tackling parent organizing in Community Schools District 16, taking on an initiative to improve our neighborhood's dialogue about food access & options, and raising awareness about gender-based street harassment in Bed-Stuy. Wanna be down? Get more info here.

Our First Year

We've been busy connecting with people, doing participatory education research and creating a foundation for our work. To find out more, click on our infographic below!