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About Us

Since 2007 Selva Rica has been offering environmental filmmaking workshops all over the world training artists, students, and community activists to generate digital media that influences our relationship to nature in a positive way. We have worked in places as distant and diverse as New York, Costa Rica, Peru, Ireland, and Panama bringing creative minds together to form a collaborative network of sustainable education through media making. Now more than ever we need sustainable education programs that lie within the nexus of local and global action. It is not enough to just make local initiatives work, we have to share what we learn with others through media so that knowledge about sustainable living may be replicated and improved.

Selva Rica is a creative community working to promote a sustainable way of living. We are educators, artists, media makers, and visionaries working around the world to inspire solutions for a more peaceful, diverse, and healthier planet. The Selva Rica Project encompasses a variety of ways to share this message includingworkshops, trainings, retreats,andmedia production.

At Selva Rica we take a threefold approach to promoting sustainability; Practice, Education, and Outreach. We aim to share knowledge that helps people make choices that fundamentally improve the wellbeing of all living things. We often participate in a culture that encourages us to take more than we need at a fatal cost to other individuals, communities, ecosystems, and living creatures. All of Selva Rica’s projects aim to promote a culture of cooperation and appreciation for the diversity of this planet. Everyone has a creative side, and we work to show people how our talents can bring us closer to nature.

We have three main loctions in Costa Rica, Peru, and New York.