Foster Grandparent Program of Clark & Pacific Counties

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About Us

Rooted in Catholic social teaching and the Gospel imperative, Catholic Community Services and the Archdiocesan Housing Authority are outreaches of the Catholic Church in Western Washington, under the leadership of the Archbishop of Seattle and the Board of Trustees. CCS and AHA answer the Gospel call to loving and compassionate service with particular concern for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death and the dignity of the human person. Our employees and volunteers come from many faith traditions to serve and support poor and vulnerable people through the provision of quality, integrated services and housing. Our focus is on those individuals, children, families, and the communities struggling with poverty and the effects of intolerance and racism. We actively join with others to work for justice.

We believe....every child should grow up in a safe, loving and nurturing elders living in security and healthy family life being affirmed and supported in our every person having the right to a safe, affordable place to call compassion, love and respect for all people, especially those who are poor and joining with others to change the systems which oppress, discriminate or otherwise cause human employees and volunteers working in an environment which offers respect, teamwork and all these things for all people, whatever their color, whatever language they speak or however they worship.