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About Us

Green Africa-Baltimore is a fundraising arm for my friend's team in Sierra Leone. Our mission is to support rural woman farmers. My purpose (in partnership with the Justice Mission of Sierra Leone) is to raise funds for a Motorbike Ambulance Service in the Moyamba District (one of the poorest). The main purpose of the service is to transport pregnant woman in need of emergency care. I need help in organizing local "Hike for Africa" or "Bike for Africa" events and to solicit donations of used bicycles for resale. The premise of the hikes is that a woman in late stage pregnancy in the many rural districts must sometimes walk 5 - 10 miles for medical care. Also, transportation was almost non-existent during the ebola crisis. Motorbikes are the most efficient vehicle. Please view the "The Kambia Appeal" website. We are in discussion with this group to help them expand.   Please note that I am in transition from the organization being registered under its founder (Martin kailie) to Emerson Probst. Martin has returned to Sierra Leone.