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About Us


To deliver socially responsible and sustainable architecture and design solutions where they are unavailable and needed most.


To become a leading resource for socially responsible and sustainable design around the world and grow into a successfully managed and effective global non-profit organization.

Since 2004, the founders of Rebuild Global have been delivering on this mission. In 2010 Rebuild Global was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Rebuild Global realizes the power and benefit that design can have on struggling communities, whether it is a small remote village in an impoverished nation or low-income community in the United States. Design ensures that simple structures do more than just provide shelter. Design is what makes simple objects, simple shelters into those things and those spaces that inspire and enrich the experiences for which they were designed and in turn enrich all of our lives.

To that end, our organization continues to partner with community based and nonprofit organizations from around the world to make an impact to those in need. Rebuild Global is built on two simple principles: to provide design and construction resources where they are most scarce and needed most, and to cultivate a movement of responsibility, compassion and service within the design community.