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About Us

Sharitive's mission is to create new funding and resources for community-based nonprofits, and through this process, remove time and financial barriers to community engagement prevalent in urban environments. Sharitive achieves our mission by connecting local consumers, businesses, and nonprofits in a sustainable cycle of giving via our web-based loyalty-rewards application.

For each purchase a Sharitive user makes at a participating business, that business donates a dollar or portion of the sale price to that user's Sharitive account as a thank you. At any point, a Sharitive user can allocate his/her earned funds to any one of our nonprofit partners that are vetted for impact and locality. Sharitive users also have the option to match their Sharitive donation. In addition, Sharitive provides a volunteer-matching program for Sharitive users and participating nonprofits, as well as educational events designed to facilitate community building and cause awareness.

Sharitive’s end result is a cycle of giving that strengthens local communities and increases funding to and engagement with nonprofits in urban areas.