Mendocino County Public Broadcasting (KZYX&Z)

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KZYX&Z Mission Statement

Mendocino County Public Broadcasting

KZYX&Z, 90.7 and 91.5, is the community non-commercial radio station of Mendocino County, serving several counties in Northern California. Its programming and operational philosophy is controlled by its membership, which is open to all. Through its dedication to balanced, excellent programming, Mendocino County Public Broadcasting will reflect the rich diversity of the county, while promoting a sense of community across such a large and varied area. The finest in national public radio programs will be made available, as well as local programs that will be creatively and professionally produced, responding to the needs of the community.

KZYX&Z pledge to be a responsible and responsive county-wide medium for news, information, music, performing arts, entertainment, and local features. KZYX&Z sees its programming as a complement to the work of Mendocino's commercial media. The station will seek to foster increased communication among all groups in the county and will make access available to all points of view.