Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. (MESI) of Kansas

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416 S 4th Street
United States

About Us

The purpose of the Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. (MESI), is to give temporary shelter, food, and counseling to our guests in order to enhance their perosnal growth and self-sufficiency. We, the Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc., believe and strive to act upon the following:

  • that all people have a need for food and shelter;
  • that each of our guests is a valuable member of the human family;
  • that persons, when treated with respect and dignity, are more likely to respond positively toward themselves and the world;
  • that conditions of need among some members of our community are the result of circumstances beyond their control;
  • that the community has a responsibility to respond to the needs of its members; and
  • that to effectively respond to these needs requires the ongoing commitment of all elements of the community.