Learning Works Charter School

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90 N. Daisy Ave.
United States

About Us

The mission of the Learning Works Charter School (LW) is to provide a personalized, rigorous academic program and relevant life skills to traditionally under-served students in grades 7-12. Our students are not "at-risk", but rather "in-crisis"; many have been through the legal system, have dropped out at some point, are living in poverty, have children, or are any combination of these.

LW addresses the needs in our community by offering a program to give these disengaged students an educational choice designed to meet their specific needs, distinct from the traditional programs that have not served them well. Our model combines both the need for academic intervention and support, as well as acknowledges that this population requires wrap around, social support services.

A voluntary, independent study-based charter school fits the need for a "fresh start." Unlike many school district alternative programs, we have a dedicated, stand-alone facility separate from other public schools that is centrally located within the local community. The LW's safe and professional learning center distinctly differs in appearance and feel from traditional schools.

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities including tutoring, gardening help, event assistance, art instruction and donation procurement. We are always open to ideas on how you can provide a specific skill to benefit one of our programs!