Umbrella Initiatives Foundation, Ltd

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About Us

Umbrella Initiatives is committed to the positive transformation of communities through goal oriented projects based on community involvement and direction.

We believe that we must help others as a part of being community with the rest of society. This basic thought guides our work and how we interact with community groups. In the projects and work we always incorporate the community in the decision making process from the design to implementation and work as a partner in work and activities.

Backpack Project

Our key work is the Backpack Project that aims to give a better start for children living in poverty through providing a backpack, supplies, and one week of scholastic reinforcement for children in need. Umbrella works with local churches and community organizations providing the materials and supplies in addition to a general plan of action for the groups to use. The community groups work with local schools in their area and sign agreements to use the school’s classrooms for the week of classes.