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About Us

Motto: High quality education for all.

Mission: To bridge the academic, digital and employment divides by providing disadvantaged students and jobseekers significant educational and economic opportunities through high quality affordable online education, thus empowering them to gain 21st century skills, and thereby enabling them, their families, communities and entire nations to thrive and live in a world free of poverty and terrorism.

Projects: NEF fulfills its mission through the following projects:

1) CyberLearning Academy ( provides 21st century skills for disadvantaged students in math, science, technology, business and testprep to close the academic and digital gaps. The goal is to set up a CyberLearning Academy in most disadvantaged schools in the U.S. by 2020.

2) NEF University ( provides workforce training solutions to close the skills gap. The immediate goal is to train one million U.S. jobseekers in Stimulus (ARRA)-related jobs in 2009.

3) NEF International provides academic, digital and workforce training to disadvantaged students and adults in many countries including India, Egypt, Jordan and Mauritius (training the entire population in digital literacy).