Majostee Allstars Youth Center

  • Illinois

About Us

Majostee Allstars is a community organization dedicated to empowering youth and encouraging self-improvement through training, mentoring, and guidance. Targeting ages 12-24, Majostee Allstars uses the principles of economic development, entrepreneurship, and education as a means to facilitate growth and stimulus in urban communities. With violence in our communities at an all time high, more investment into the youth is needed to change the conditions and reduce criminal acts. It is a known fact that lack of activities for youth and interest in their education directly leads to increased violence. Youth who are given alternative opportunities and activities are less likely to turn to crime as a means for survival.

While most youth programs stress the importance of higher education, Majostee Allstars aims to explore all options with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Majostee Allstars partner company Executive Behavior will supply youth with journals and a life coach who will meet with them to talk about trauma and problems in their everyday lives. This partnership will be focused towards goal building and task setting to allow participants to become successful in any venture.