Guizhou Forerunner College

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About Us

About Guizhou Forerunner College

  • GFC is the first not-for-profit college in China to bestow practical, high quality education for under-served students in Guizhou Province, founded by VIA Faith-Hope-Love Foundation.
  • GFC provides three years of low-to-no-cost higher education for students in vocational fields through its School of Hotel Management, School of Computer Application, Duocai Guizhou School of Tea, GFC Minority Cultural Heritage Center, School of Education, and the Bright Angel College for the Blind.
  • GFC’s mission is to educate and support poor, outstanding students acquire good employment to overcome poverty for themselves and their families by teaching them marketable skills and building their integrity.
  • With the motto: “Integrity, Love, Nobility,” GFC cultivates students to be honest, loving and noble while pursuing personal and economic growth. GFC officially opened on September 15, 2011.

Guizhou Forerunner College (GFC) seeks dedicated volunteers to:

  • Support a world-class college for ethnic minorities and the visually impaired.
  • Promote education quality and equality in western regions of China.
  • Teach underprivileged but outstanding students in Guizhou Province.
  • Enhance student-centered learning environment.
  • Foster English speaking atmosphere.
  • Collaborate with Marriott Hotels, HTC, Lenovo, and Microsoft to provide a vibrant and diverse residential vocational learning community.