YOPAC Foundation Enugu Nigeria


19 Eze Street, Uwani


About Us

YOPAC is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit oriented charity organisation.It is a foundation that is aimed at discouraging crime among youths in the society.

So many young people are involved everyday in crimes such as stealing, examination malpractice, rape, defrauding and Internet crimes, prostitution, drug abuse, political thuggery and so many others. YOPAC’s aim is not to prosecute young people involved in crime. The aim of YOPAC for youths is to discover those primary causes such as lack of adequate parental upbringing, abuse, deprivation, bad company / influence of peer pressure, poverty and even unemployment and other reasons responsible for leading young people into crime. YOPAC therefore aims at fighting against the social vices of our young people by tackling these reasons mentioned above. It is believed that when the above causes of crime are arrested, then crime itself would have been arrested. It is equally believed that by tackling the above social problems, YOPAC will be helping to create and encourage and in fact induce a decent lifestyle among our young people and as such champion a better society thereby securing the future of our nation.