Interregnum Inc., Finding life after loss

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About Us

Our Mission: To help people learn to find life after loss.

"The process of coping with loss is greatly facilitated through thoughtful, engaging opportunities to share your story and to hear the stories of others.”

- Judith Pedersen

Our Vision: To view loss as a life process and offer comfort, knowledge, and hope.

“Grief is a process that must be actively experienced so we can go on living through loss. Loss is universal; we will all experience it in our lives. It is my continuing honor and privilege to offer services that convey the message: 'You are not alone'.”

- Judith Pedersen

In 1998 Judith Pedersen began work with hospice patients and families who were facing end of life issues. She brought with her a personal experience of loss. Four years prior, the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with died twelve days after a heart attack. This experience drew her to work with others facing similar life-altering experiences.

As part of her hospice work, Judith reaffirmed that loss is life-altering for all members of the family system -- not only for the patient, but also for his or her extended family and friends.

It became evident to Judith that, for all of us, loss is present throughout the lifespan -- at differing times and with changing life experiences. For example, loss can be just as profound at the discovery of life-threatening illness as with death of a loved one; or when dealing with unrecognized or unsanctioned losses, such as families facing Alzheimer’s disease or death by suicide.

It was Judith’s dream to provide a setting where people facing all of types of loss could be served in comforting, warm environments, and, in October of 2005, her dream was realized with the formation of Interregnum, a nonprofit organization.

The organization has continued to evolve, and is now officially known as Interregnum Inc, Finding life after loss. Our mission is "to help people learn to find life after loss." We are here to help in the process of "moving forward."