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MISSION: The FUSION Foundation is a community development organization addressing the unmet needs of communities in transition through local actions with a particular focus on using arts & culture as an effective bridge building tool.

The FUSION Foundation focuses on the compelling, in-depth stories of solution-oriented problem solvers committed to improving their communities. It is the core belief of the Foundation that what is brought into focus is what we create. Therefore, the FUSION Foundation focuses on solutions and seeking out people and organizations working on those solutions for the complex challenges we face today.

The FUSION Foundation discovers what is working and reveals the unsung heroes in our communities. These unsung heroes are painting the neighbor's fences, picking up trash, donating used musical instruments to youth in south Phoenix, Ariz., donating medical supplies to Haitian earthquake survivors, reversing the maternal mortality rate in Afghanistan and providing micro credit loans to businesswomen in India.

The beginning of The FUSION Foundation was formed as a direct response to the needs of the community just as it continues to do so today. The needs of the community arose out of accidental conversations with members in the community at random gatherings - then intentional gatherings of diverse groups of people - then we created a more organized structure yet still organic to support people having a place to gather and identify their needs and meet others with resources. It was observed that all the people that attended the gatherings either intentionally or by circumstance had a "story to tell" and through telling their story, others had an opportunity for a increased personal insight or a transformative experience.

The strong desire to encourage men, women and youth to share resulted in the following insights: 1. It is a privilege and responsibility to share individual gifts and talents with others; 2. By sharing stories and helping within a community, it became clear that being of service to others felt good and provided a connection; and 3. An urgency was created that it was time for greater service epitomized by a growing understanding of the old saying, 'If not us, then who, and if not now, then when?'

Since the inception of The FUSION Foundation, the organization has sponsored and co-sponsored diverse community gatherings, supported bringing a voice to community concerns ranging from poverty, community violence, and racial, religious, national, cultural, gender and sexual diversity. Additionally, the FUSION Foundation has worked with diverse communities developing community conversations and empowerment training to increase civic participation.

Current programs and activities

The FUSION Foundation's primary activity is to coordinate the efforts of the community to identify needs and match the needs with community resources and to develop programs to meet gaps in resources for community needs.

The FUSION Foundation current programs and activities include: 1. Community outreach and on-going mentorship and education for social entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, individuals and philanthropists through monthly Homecoming events, media communications and community involvement. Some of the groups we work with are: Ear Candy Charity, World Care, The Gladys T. McGarey Foundation, ALAC (Advocates for Latino Arts & Culture), Latino Artists of America and the National Peace Academy. 2. Develop, create and promote civil dialogue and deliberation, community development - this includes Artwerks Lateral 58 First Saturdays, Artwerks Lateral 58 - Fire Hydrant Program and Artwerks Lateral 58 - Community Mural Project. 3. Develop ongoing, consistent community meetings around Arizona to foster a more diverse understanding among communities and their residents - this includes monthly gatherings such as Conscious Living and Healing Trees

Who The Fusion Foundation serves and how they benefit from the organization?

The Fusion's constituency reflects the community where it is geographically located. The Valley of the Sun - Phoenix, Arizona metro area including but not limited to cities within Maricopa County and throughout Arizona. The FUSION works within a culturally-diverse community with significant Native American and Latino/a populations. Maricopa County is the second largest concentration of First Nation People in the United States. The FUSION Foundation is inclusive and welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of race, gender, age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ethnicity or mental or physical limitations or disabilities. The FUSION Foundation constituency ranges from children to the elderly, men and women, the under-served and low socio-economic rings to the leaders and high socio-economic rings all with varying ethnicity.

The Foundation creates and develops opportunities for increasing intercultural dialogue and deliberation. The volunteers and philanthropists serve the community with their stories. Spirit Keepers is a specific program to bring forth different traditional cultural ceremonies and gatherings to increase personal empowerment and perspective.

The Foundation provides the community with outside macro-perspective, not being mired down by the issues at hand, bringing different perspectives toward plausible solutions. With a vast network of support, the Foundation assists matching resources to community needs.

The FUSION Foundation is an organic grassroots organization. Our community includes everyone who is interested and willing to consider positive solutions toward community change. The Foundation partners with community resources such as small businesses, interfaith communities, schools, non-profit organizations, city and county officials, media channels and individuals seeking and providing assistance.

The work of the FUSION Foundation is supported by individuals, foundations and insightful organizations, visionary corporations and by the dedicated members of the council - their financial contribution makes a big difference in the lives touched by the resources of the FUSION Foundation.

Thank you for your consideration.

To learn more about the FUSION Foundation to volunteer to make a contribution - please send an email to or call 623-688-1278.

MISSION: The FUSION Foundation is a community development organization addressing the unmet needs of communities in transition through local actions with a particular focus on using arts & culture as an effective bridge building…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine


  • PO Box 1966, Glendale, AZ 85311, United States

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