Great Himalayan National Park

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About Us

"Friends of GNHP" is developing a Social Enterprise model for helping the villagers living in the buffer zone of GHNP (Great Himalayan National Park) to enhance their livelihood so that their living conditions improve while they are in a better position to participate in nature conservation measures.

Mission Statement
  • Conservation of GHNP with the support of the general public : To promote GHNP amongst the public in general in order to raise awareness of its unique beauty and endangered biodiversity that requires joined efforts for implementing adequate conservation measures.
  • Conservation of GHNP with the support ofthe community : To raise awareness of the local community on the necessity to preserve their natural heritage, and to enhance their capacity to undertake and manage conservation related activities.
  • Responsible tourism : To promote a sustainable and responsible tourism model which will support (a) economic prosperity of the community, (b) minimization of the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and society, (c) conservation of landscapes, ecosystem and biodiversity of GHNP & the ecozone, and (d) protection & enrichment of the local culture.
  • Community eco-development :To combat marginalization, poverty and impoverishment of the villagers living around GHNP by promoting (a) sustainable livelihood, (b) health care & quality nutrition, and (c) education & awareness programs, that are consistent with (a) their indigenous culture & traditions, and (b) with the need of preserving their natural heritage, so that the overall well-being of their community is enhanced.