Gram Sewa Sansthan

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About Us

The Gram Seva Sansthan (GSS) is a voluntary and charitable, grass root level, development constructive organization. Integrated and sustainable development of the entire hilly terrain together with human resources, with the co-operation of the masses is the motto of the Gram Seva Sansthan. GSS is registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act (1860) and under the FCRA (1976) with the Ministry of Home Affairs. GSS has active grass root level rural integrated development social research and technical support and working programmes in Water Resource Management, Rural Organizations monitoring, Environment Education and protection, Child Environment, Social Evils Eradication and Dulit Upliftment.


A living in peace and good citizenship with spiritual, nature justice, freedom, equity, and integrity, the society is strengthened, where power, resources, divine Culture, harmony with the nature.


1. To endorse and uphold Gram Sewa Sansthan as an organization dedicated to building a society, for the values of truth, justice, freedom, equity, peace and divine Cultural pursuits.Moreover, to increase, manage Natural Resources, and to engage in integrated sustainable livelihoods plurality in harmony with the weaker sections of society Such as Minorities, Women, Dalits, Tribals, Children and handicapped, is the main objectives are Gram Sewa Sansthan.

2. To engage in integrated sustainable development, movements, capacity building and enterprise, which be, will significant and innovative. To achieve our objectives through committed and capable team in partnership with compatible organisations and individuals of national and international.

3. To improve the capability of the human resources in environs of integrity, approach, and direction of the degraded, marginalized poor society. To consolidating, promoting and mainstreaming alternative development experiences in sustainable integrated mountain development.


1. To behavior integrated sustainable development of Dalit, Tribal, women, children, aged, orphans, widows and handicapped in order to bringing the social, economic, educational, health, cultural, justice, freedom, equity, and peace and environment development. On the principles of village self-governance, building a self-dependence, equitable, cultured, and healthy, educated and decentralized society.

2. To remove poverty, disease, untouchability, and socio-economic disparities are from the region.

3. To cultivate a spirit of enterprise, self-dependence and confidence among the community, through bringing scientific temperament and developing capacity.