We Feed the Homeless Philly

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About Us

We Feed the Homeless Philly is of the opinion that history will judge us by the character of our actions. Therefore, we are unable and unwilling to ignore the plight of the human condition and pledge to take those steps necessary to enrich the livelihood of America's homeless by providing nutritious sustenance. Moreover, we shall respond to this emergent situation with due diligence, and in such a way that America's homeless are treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Lastly, we remain prayerful that our deeds are recognized for what they are, a sincere attempt to make positive contributions to the greater societal good.

We Feed the Homeless Philly is a non-profit grassroots organization focusing and servicing the food insecure and homeless population in the Philadelphia and surrounding area. As change agents, our work includes: volunteering, mentoring, and educating to empower our community.