Tikondwe Youth Organisation

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About Us

Tikondwe operates from Domasi Traditional Authority Malemia in Zomba Malawi. The organisational goal is to promote the welfare and empowerment of its members. Tikondwe has taken on a number of initiatives with the central aim being to improve the general welfare of and enhance self-dependence among its local communities.

We work to teach men and women in rural areas to collectively manage their r...esources, govern their groups, and help build confidence in the youth community. We are deeply committed to improving the lives underprivileged children and orphans through basic education. We believe education is vital to all and especially to youths in the fight against poverty. Youth is Malawi for the most part don’t have high access to education, this is because of several reasons. Among the reasons is poverty itself. Poverty in the area we work in is at an extreme high level. Children are not allowed to attend school in some cases because parents want/need their children to be engaged in household routines and farming duties that may generate income for the family. It is not uncommon to see very young children working in the fields. Tikondwe has offered its services to more than a hundred of youths across Zomba. Due to the help and support of international volunteers, first arrival in May of 2011, our class sizes have more than doubled since the introduction of our community schools. Through education Tikondwe is pursuing a mission to ensure that youths are introduced to various activities that enable them to become educated, independent and in the future become an asset to the local community and to Malawi. We choose to focus particularly on children, because we know that youth empowerment is an essential resource for social change and a prerequisite in the broader fight against poverty.