Riding to Break the Cycle

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About Us

"The impossible is not that hard to achieve when you set your mind to it”

This line really sums up what Riding to Break the Cycle is all about. We are a collective group of young adults, from all areas of the planet, looking to break out of our comfort zones. We are looking to challenge our personal limits, to take on something epic and unique, and to be inspired. We come from different walks of life and we might not all be crazy excited about the same causes, or cycling, or traveling, but we all want to have a positive impact on the world and help create opportunities for those less fortunate. We believe that a just and an equal planet is something achievable, and we know that the street youth in Uganda, or anywhere else for that matter deserve the same opportunities for personal wellbeing that the middleclass suburban youth in North America have. We take on these rides knowing that they are a tough challenge because we know that it will be hard work and determination that will break the cycle of poverty.

Through the experience and challenge of fundraising, training, and cycling across a continent, we come to realize that the seemingly impossible was actually achievable, and we continue through our lives with the energy to take on challenges, pursue our dreams, and help others pursue theirs. We become individuals that are willing to go after what we believe in and we don’t let the words impossible or challenge stand in our way.