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About Us

The HighScope Educational Research Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to supporting the critical work of educators and caregivers in providing high-quality early childhood education. Based on comprehensive research, HighScope’s active learning approach to birth-through-kindergarten education focuses on engaging curriculum content, child and program assessment, and intentional teaching methods that support the development of young children worldwide.

Founded in 1970 by psychologist David Weikart, PhD, HighScope is headquartered in Ypsilanti, Michigan with institutes around the world. HighScope is well-known for Dr. Weikart’s visionary Perry Preschool Study that first established the lasting human and financial value of early childhood education. The landmark study was conducted in partnership with pioneering Ypsilanti principal Charles E. Beatty, Sr. to examine the long-term effects of high-quality preschool on young children. More than four decades of research have resulted in the HighScope Curriculum, which has proven in practice to have extraordinary, positive impacts that last a lifetime.