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MISSION:  The mission of CONAPAC is to promote conservation and social development through education in the rainforest of Loreto, Peru.

VISION: Rural communities in the amazon rainforest living abundantly, self-sufficiently, sustainably, with a strong conservation ethic.


CONAPAC,the Conservación a la Naturaleza Amazónica del Perú, A.C., is a Peruvian non-profit working with Peruvian rainforest communities that agree to conserve the rainforest. We founded in July 1990 with the concern and motivation of teachers, forestry engineers, and employees of Explorama Lodges in Iquitos, Peru as a school supply distribution non-profit, and have since grown to have numerous programs like conservation education training for 250 teachers, clean water filtration towers built and maintained, community organizing, community leader training in sustainable living and conservation techniques, a nutrition program, a developing economic development program, and more. We search for ways to help communities progress in ways that will help them live well for countless generations for their own sake and for the sake of a healthy rainforest ecosystem.

We have numerous alliances such as with the Detroit Zoological Society, Amazon Explorama Lodges, Adopt A Village International, International Fund for Economic Development, International Expeditions, Fruit Tree Foundation, EkoAmazon, Amazon Rainforest Workshops, and more.

CONAPAC is also the longest serving non-profit in the Peruvian Amazon River basin, and works hard to ensure strong results from all its programs. We maintain close relationships with communities that want to conserve the rainforest, live sustainably, and build a better future. There are currently 54 communities in our program, located along the Amazon, Napo, and Ucayali river, counting for over 5000 people.

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