Associacion Comunitaria de Autosuficiencia A.c.

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About Us

ACÁ (Asociación Communitaria de Auto Suficiencia A.C.) is a non-profit organic agricultural education association located in Jalisco, Mexico. Our mission is to teach and grow organics in Mexico We assist local communities in developing sustainable resource management and self-sufficiency, while improving the health of our environment and communities. Our Eco-training Center facility is open to the public, with tours, workshops, and courses that provide hands on experience in a wide-range of agricultural and community issues.

The Eco-training Center houses: • A beautiful, five-acre organic farm where we cultivate herbs, vegetables, and fruits. • A small Co-op Country style market, where we sell our produce, herbs, natural products, and a wide-selection of plants and ground covers. • A plant nursery which specializes in perennials, ground covers, native Mexican shrubs and exotic trees. • A small animal husbandry model with ducks, turkey and rabbit.

ACÁ volunteers and interns train and work at the Eco Training Center to help develop community and school gardens, as well as workshops on organic and agricultural issues. Since 1997, ACÁ has selected skilled interns from around the world to be a part of this hands-on experience. At ACÁ, interns benefit from: • In-Field Study of integrated pest and plant management systems • Awareness of water and resource conservation issues • The opportunity to participate in local, cultural activities • Hands on study of eco-safe agronomy • Hands-on community service experience in Mexico • Multi-cultural experience and Spanish language immersion • Personal attention and supervision

We are currently accepting interns for the 2009 summer season. Please see our website at: for more information about ACÁ and our internship opportunities.