University of Georgia Living Wage Campaign

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About Us

What is a living wage?

The living wage is a wage by which, working 40 hours per week, workers can pay their minimum bills. The level we established in 2004 was $10.50 per hour plus benefits or $12.00 for workers not receiving health benefits.

The University Council convened an ad hoc committee to study the proposal, and after nearly a year's study, the committee's living wage proposal was brought before the University Council to receive unanimous approval.

The decision to enact the proposal now resides with President Adams and his administration.

As American wages tumble and jobs are shipped overseas, campaigns like ours seek to reestablish the dignity of the American worker. Anyone working full-time should not have to rely on government assistance to supplement their wages. Welfare programs only serve to patch the gaping holes in an economy that does not value the worker.

Living wages can also be seen to:

  • Reduce dependence on government benefits
  • Reduce crime rates
  • Reduce rates of illness and absenteeism
  • Strengthen family cohesion and marriage
  • Reduce homelessness
  • Create a healthier community