Raven's Elementary School

  • NY


1102 E 92nd Street
United States

About Us

The Director and Faculty of Raven’s School’s Early Childhood Development Center’s Infant, Toddler, Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs are committed to providing a safe, nurturing and academically rich environment for the care of the children we serve. Our experienced staff is dedicated to creating an environment of trust where infants are allowed to feel at home, where your child’s personality is understood and their developmental needs are met.

Our professional staff and teachers promote an early introduction to the “New York State Common Core Curriculum Standards” and reading readiness skills that are stimulated at every developmental level. Children are given the opportunity for enhanced social, emotional and cognitive growth through the use of technology, traditional and innovative educational techniques in a multifaceted learning environment. During their early childhood development children are guided in the exploration and discovery of the world around them through an exciting curriculum that includes play, art, music, drama and story- telling. Their cognitive development is probed and fostered to enhance their ability to develop language skills, think, problem-solve, conceptualize and master multiple mental operations.

Collaborative partnerships with parents are essential and required at our center. They serve to create a viable communication mechanism that assists in the success of our programs. We serve nutritious meals which are tailored to the dietary needs of our children. Healthy eating habits are a major focus for their on- going learning and development.

Our goal is to prepare children who are ready to meet the demands of the New York State requirements and standards for admission to an elementary school level of education. In partnership with parents we help to develop children who are curious and confident learners with positive values, self –worth and character who will continue to be life-long learners and achievers.