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MENTOR VOLUNTEERS UGANDA P.O. Box 30600 Kampala Tel. +256 77 615755 /+256 78 863221

MENTOR: Wise and trusted counselor or teacher, who gives great advise, helps people with less experience.

VOLUNTEERS: People who do something especially helping others willingly and without being forced or paid to do it, deal with problems before they are spread to other areas organized to lead others in and out doors. UGANDA: The Pearl of Africa with flowing rivers, High mountains, lakes, forests, National parks, Rift valleys etc in which MVU is based.

Mentor Volunteers Uganda is a humanitarian community service organization founded in Uganda to protect, guide and provide Development services to young people, meet their needs and interests, develop the community through Voluntary work , International Youth exchange, International understanding, Idea sharing as a mean of promoting social development. MVU works in close collaboration with other organization to improve the status and lives of the distressed people in Uganda. Like UNASO, JYAK,UVP, Red Cross, IHEYO, World Wide Volunteering UK, Planet foundation Hungary, KVDA, TAYEN, EWANET, aFRICA Alive , straight talk , Rural Health Foundation and many others

MVU is an alliance of committed trained members dedicated to Aid Voluntary and endeavor to relieve distress comfort cheer the lonely, forgiveness and prepare away for the presenting God. More than that, every effort to relieve distress should be followed by an effort to remove the cause of distress.

MVU brings people together as a family with no differences. MVU staff members must ever be seeking opportunities to do good, create and stimulate awareness of people in distress and to educate them .In this way, by the Grace of God truly men open doors to hearts enlist interests of indifferent ones and finally leads others to know God

MEMBERSHIP: Mentor volunteers is a non – Sectarian, non political organization for people of vision, talent and energy. With its membership and partners coming from all levels of the society. It attracts people of both sexes, different ages, religion, Races, Profession’s and non professions, and social Back ground. Its members comprise of children, youth, and adults with young peoples minds.

ACTION BOUND: The name Mentor Volunteers is a concise statement of our primary intent. To ensure action on pressing needs rather than talking about them. Over 5 years of progress it seems apparent that no mistake was made in choosing the name of this mighty movement. In ever – increasing number of our volunteers are responding to the appeal of this name and volunteering for the services at home and abroad. It is a Blessed name to its members and the Nationality for it represents to them new and deeper consecration, new ideas and new aspirations. It also represents a greater cooperation and dynamic training to all our people.

AIM: We serve to relieve distress.

MOTTO: Ready for service MISSION: To make a positive response to the distressed ones in the community and to enable youth and children develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens. VISION .A Prepared future life for youth and children OBJECTIVES 1 To Develop and encourage unity among young people as a foundation for social development. 2 To serve as role models listening ears and to provide supportive guidance to youth. 3 Develop the community through Voluntary work 4 To promote international cooperation and volunteers exchange 5 Teach women and men of all ages to learn discuss thing together. 6 To equip young people with basic and modern skills,knowledge neccessary for dairy living 7To promote recovery in the community where in times of distress. 8 To Develop the Leadership potentials of young who would like to commit themselves to …..volunteering. 9 Empower young people with self-Development and life skills trainings. 10 Strengthen national and international partnership through networking , information sharing and volunteers exchange. 11. To develop the ability to use the problem-solving approch in various life situations. 12. To inculcate into young people a sense of service, duty, leadership for participation in comminity development and good citizenship.

MENTOR VOLUNTEERS UGANDA P.O. Box 30600 Kampala Tel. +256 77 615755 /+256 78 863221

MENTOR: Wise and trusted counselor or teacher, who gives great advise, helps people with less experience.

VOLUNTEERS: People who…

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