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About Us

The Kindred Project strengthens bonds between marginalized immigrant enclaves and their longer-established neighbors by developing international travel experiences with a distinctly local and personal connection.

The Kindred Project organizes trips, Kindred Experiences, in which an immigrant or first-generation American travels with a small group of fellow community members back to his/her country of origin for a 3-week immersion and service experience.

The first two Kindred cities are Boston and Chicago. Taking The Kindred Project - Boston as an example, here is how the Kindred process works:

Kindred’s team on the ground in Boston has extensively researched the immigrant populations present in the greater Boston area and established relationships with local immigrant support and integration organizations.

Based on their research, travel considerations, and potential for community impact upon return to Boston, the team chose the Dominican Republic as the destination for Boston’s summer 2009 Kindred Experience.

A Boston resident of Dominican descent who maintains a strong network in his/her country of origin will be the Kindred Ambassador (trip leader), and the homestay portion of the experience will take place in the Ambassador’s hometown.

Travelers in the group will reside in the Boston area and come from all different backgrounds.

Intentionally homegrown and collaborative, the trips offer travelers a unique perspective and bring back to the community a network of travelers seeking to pay that experience forward.