DISKovery Center

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353 E. 1st Street
Los Angeles
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About Us

The Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) established the DISKovery Center in 1999 with the support of our Technology Advisory Committee (TAC), a volunteer group of technology and media industry professionals who provide us with technical guidance and support. Securing equipment donations and pro bono technical services, TAC members created the DISKovery computer center to provide the community with a resource for job development and technology training. In 2004, the DISKovery Center relocated to a retail space in the historic Far East Building and into a newer, wheelchair-accessible, and better-equipped facility in the Little Tokyo area.

DISKovery Center has provided technology education services to over 3,000 community members in a wide range of skills and computer applications, since its opening. Over 200 members, who include youth, adults, and seniors, enroll in over 20 classes at the DISKovery Center’s programs every quarter.