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About Us

We are the founding members of a nation of ideas, of participation, of organization, of common goals. Our path begins with the power of people and their daily decisions, actions, needs, and desires. It then progresses toward a new global social-economic paradigm based on the principles of social responsibility.

Our community is something powerful, comprised of individuals who believe that there can be a successful overthrow of past assumptions. We engage people who believe the problems of the world are solvable and who can and will attempt to participate in solving them. We work to be: Socially Responsible, Fair Trade, Environmentally Efficient, Politically Inclusive, Culturally Re-evolutionary.

We invite you to apply to become an Agent*, an important stakeholder of the interrupcion* community, and to take a step in the direction of something that has never been tried before. Interrupcion* was established in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2001, and New York in 2003. From our first moments in 2001, interrupcion* has worked to create an integrated socially responsible economy where people are able to work, consume, invest, and participate while creating real value and opportunity for themselves (private) and for society (public) at the same time: part of a virtuous cycle of relationships, decisions, and commitments to ourselves, to one another, to the community at large.

Interrupcion* has always worked with the vision of creating partners rather than clients, customers, or suppliers. This means that we share common goals, both social and financial, we share risk and we share rewards, we invest in one another, we support one another, we are committed to meeting challenges together, to finding solutions, to generating results, to living our values, to building our dreams. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for Agents* as “owners” of their regions, now and in the future. Only through participation, contribution, hard work, collaboration, and diligence will we reach our goals. Together, we work to create something new, something larger than any one of us.