FUNDAR-Galapagos (English)

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Lobo Marino y Genovesa, esquina
Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos Islands


About Us

The Foundation for Alternative Responsible Development in Galapagos (FUNDAR Galapagos) works in the fields of organic agriculture, public participation, ecological restoration, education, renewable energy, social projects, and more. We have a model experimental farm in Santa Cruz (the Sustainable Lifestyle Demonstration Center – 84ha). FUNDAR Galapagos is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation with no political or religious affiliation. FUNDAR was created in 2001 under agreement No.043 of the Minister of the Environment of Ecuador. It is made up of professionals with an interest in solidarity and social issues, the majority of whom are residents of Galapagos and committed to the future of the islands. FUNDAR Galapagos works with the Galapagos community, using alternative and responsible approaches to strive for sustainable development. FUNDAR Galapagos carries out education projects aimed at changing public behaviour and promoting solidarity and a sustainable lifestyle; sustainable development projects, such as strengthening of economic sectors (artisan fishing, agriculture, tourism, crafts, etc.), health, social research, alternative and renewable energy; environmental protection projects; public participation and governance projects, including social environmental ethics; and more (see Our Goals).


FUNDAR Galapagos is a Galapaguenian, non-governmental, non-profit organisation with no political or religious affiliation. We are dynamic, creative, efficient and committed, and respond to changes and challenges. We work with institutions and other social players in local Galapagos society. FUNDAR Galapagos plans and executes projects for the creation of a new paradigm that integrates conservation and responsible development. We open spaces for discussion, debate and reflection for change. We promote personal development, equality, social and environmental ethics, participation and strengthening of local abilities. We create alliances and are transparent in our work.


Galapagos: a model of harmony between humanity and nature.

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