Africa Leading Light

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About Us

We are a registered non-profit company founded by a group of passionate educationists based in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Our goal is to respond to the high rate of matric failure particularly in mathematics and sciences. Our aim is to systematically improve not only the matric pass rate but also the quality of high school leavers by promoting interest, understanding and knowledge of the mathematics and the sciences in students from grade 6 to 12.

i) Our vision

Africa Leading Light will work together with all stakeholders to improve the quality of education for a better quality of life.

ii) Our mission

We are here to join hands with existing forces and stand as a great force in the education and wellbeing of young people in the population we serve.

We believe that good education is the cornerstone of a nation.

We hold that the struggle to improve the current state of education in our province shall only be won by thousands of grass root initiatives and the desire to continue struggling.


  • Quality tutoring of mathematics and sciences through special examination preparatory classes to underperforming schools.
  • The application of information communications Technology (ICT) in to the teaching and learning of mathematics and sciences (The Khan Academy project).
  • Science clubs and fairs
  • Science and mathematics Olympiads (Mathematics competitions)
  • Mathematics and Sciences residential study camps
  • Subject choice workshops for grade 9.