patanisho roho israel community based organization



p.o box 00515 -542 Nairobi

About Us

Our mission is to support education and empowerment for the poor community we serve .we specifically focus on:

1.Education 2. Health care 3. Environmental care 4. poverty empowerment.

To elaborate more 1.Education: We create HIV/aids awareness among youth,empower widows living with HIV/aids to raise the standard of living through macro-finance so that to cater for themselves,we support most venerable children by giving them the sponsorship school fees to finish school,we offer stationary and uniforms.

2. Health care: we send volunteers to grassroots,where there sick people for simple medication but for complicated cases we transfers them to National hospitals.

3.Environmental care:We educate the community on how to use safe water and hygiene,we collect garbage, plating trees and talking care of.

4. Poverty empowerment : we specifically look after the most venerable on : youth, single mother and widows.These organization focus on education, self esteemed, and other initiative which gives women the proper tool to improve themselves and their family's economic and social condition. Programmers like on issues such as domestic violence,women 's right, women 's health and economic Enterprise project.participants may help with different project which strives to improve the living condition of women including: training workshop on handcrafts,clothing,cooking,using computers.Business training presentations and forum discussion on home violence, leadership,women ,s right and health consolidations ln our slum community people Angry is the lion of the day to most venerable both small and big in he community. We provide both spiritual and physical food, which needed in life.We offer this from well wishers friends ,volunteers and we have volunteer opportunities.

we carry it temporary as church family style programmer, direct services.we need to have our own facilities and land to build a permanent orphanage center, financial is the problem, this is why we are looking volunteers for support our vision as a community based organization.


1.write proposal to donors organizations?

2.come for internships or get interns for us? our organization in whichever way?

4.collect any donations on our behalf?

5.Fundraiser for our project or get donors for us?

6.volunteer with us or help us to get volunteers?

We encourage friends and well wishers to sponsor child on $ 25,$ 50, $75 $ 100 and per year $ 320, to help child to buy food, uniform per year and asking who have used cloths kid bicycle, kids.We need to buy our own facilities because where we are in, is a rental churches hall .Participants must be at least 18 yrs old or older at time of their programmers.