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About Us

Music is a strong motivational tool that moves people toward positive change. MUSICMAKESMUSIC is a registered 501(c)(3) dedicated to inspiring and empowering teens to become involved with music, continue their educations, and live a drug-free life. Our programs help more than 100,000 teens across the nation annually.

The unique MUSICMAKESMUSIC Two Day School Program delivers positive messages in a format that teens admire, relate to, and become involved with.

MUSICMAKESMUSIC brings in a nationally known band into the school to perform during a special assembly. These musicians bring their approved crew to help with the set-up process. Most schools have auditoriums that accommodate the event effectively. Gymnasiums and other venues have been used and MUSICMAKESMUSIC coordinates with administrators to create the best set-up for every school. The set-up is an additional learning experience for select students from each school that are chosen as production crew. These students learn the basics for what it takes to put on a national level concert- lights,sound, stage building.

In between songs during the performance, MUSICMAKESMUSIC uses the time to talk to the students about why it’s important to get involved with music, how to go about getting involved and the different avenues by which these can be accomplished. These messages are coupled with messages about staying in school, living a drug-free lifestyle, and any other messages or programs that the host school is currently emphasizing. For example, the MUSICMAKESMUSIC assembly has worked in conjunction with Spirit Week, Red Ribbon Week, Testing Week, Awards Assemblies, DARE Programs and more.

The emotionally charged environment heightens awareness and the kids become very receptive to the positive core messages the band members deliver which include:

  • Art and music are important in every child’s complete education.
  • Music is a powerful tool towards positive change.
  • The resources teenagers need to be involved in music are available in their school and community.
  • The overall education experience, community, and morale of every participating school are improved through music.
  • Stay in school, graduate, and continue your education.
  • Live a drug-free lifestyle.

After the assembly, a meet-&-greet is held where students can interact with the musicians and other technicians and professionals.

All governing documents, our conflict of intrest policy, and financial statements are available upon request. Please send requests to