Love of God Ministries International

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About Us


Vision:- To prepare and secure a healthy, educated and self sustaining community, free from hunger, illiteracy, poverty and HIV/AIDS.

  1. The Ministry has a vision to buy and expand its own land and buildings for an orphanage, complex school, Sustainable Agriculture, technical training school, sustainable development projects and ICT centre.
  2. It is a non-political and a non-profit organization.

Mission:- Service to humanity is service to God.

Motto:- “United we stand. Divided we fall”

Our Core Values:-






Hard work

“ Building rural communities through sustainable development”

Main Objectives:-

1. To establish an endowment foundation fund to receive grants, donations, gifts and other assistance in any form whatsoever from Uganda and any other source for any one or more of the objects of the organization and to establish non – profit making foundations in any country or countries for the purpose of receiving donations from private and corporate persons and for channeling the same to the organization’s development operations;

2. To provide a workable solution through empowering the impoverished rural community with life-changing solutions that will combat poverty, equipping and enlightening minds in order to create a paradigm shift from a perspective of “I” to “WE.”

Surveys Findings

1. A survey conducted by Love of God Ministries has revealed that people are poor in due part because of their thought processes and strategies, leading to poor and inefficient execution of already flawed plans.

2. Our survey has also found out that many bright minds are underutilized, with untapped potential because of lack of educational exposure and/or support. Orphans and destitute children go unaccounted for because of their location, which they stay with, and the absence of resources around them.

3. Love of God Ministries has further discovered that many of these rural populations are full of selfishness or self-pity, tribalism, solitude, sole handedness, self seeking and even corruption. From such poor mindsets flow poor and flawed planning and execution. The Ministry endeavors to change this old way to a new way through focused moves against poverty.