Agencies In Action

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About Us

Agencies In Action is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to coalesce the New York City advertising community behind the cause of alleviating poverty throughout the city. Agencies In Action is comprised of agencies and individuals who believe that poverty can be fought in our neighborhoods through acts of compassion both big and small.

The advertising industry is full of people who thrive on dreaming up solutions to difficult business problems. We are all disciplined organizers, problem solvers, and communicators. Agencies In Action wants to apply these skills and talents to seemingly intractable social problems. We want to use the wealth and creative energy inherent in the advertising industry to help less fortunate New Yorkers get back on their feet.

Though tremendously fun, working in advertising can, at times, seem inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. There are many well-meaning, good-hearted people in this business, yearning to be a force for good in their community and the world. Does this sound like you? Then join with us. Turn your good will and sentiment into action. Together we can make an impact.