Farewell to Arms

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Los Angeles
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About Us

Farewell to Arms is an organization that was founded in response to the tragic events in Newtown, CT.

Greg Cohen is a Los Angeles based photographer who grew up in Newtown. The Perfect Exposure Gallery will be exhibiting 20 of his portraits which were inspired by the tragedy. In addition to the images, headphones will offer first hand accounts of gun violence – victims share their experiences through interviews with the artist.

Our objective is to raise the volume on the conversation and move people to action. Our system needs to be modified, change needs to happen. We have the support of several organizations, a variety of politicians and an array of media outlets, including NPR, NBC News, the LA Times, etc. We will reach millions of people across the globe and together we'll play a part in the necessary change. Please join us.

After all, we deserve the right to send our children to school without the fear of never seeing them again.

The opening reception is on December 12th, two days before the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy.