Association to Benefit Children / All Children's House

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About Us

Association to Benefit Children (ABC) is dedicated to bringing joy and warmth to disadvantaged children and their families through compassionate, sustainable, comprehensive and integrated services, designed to permanently break the cycles of abuse, neglect, sickness and homelessness.

ABC’s humane and innovative programs include early childhood education, health care services, housing assistance, mental health services, family preservation, crisis intervention, recreational services, job training and employment assistance, therapeutic after school and summer day camp programs, mentoring and legal advocacy. All Children’s House - Family Preservation and Support Services at ABC's Echo Park ABC is dedicated to defending and strengthening needy families so that they ultimately emerge more invigorated and cohesive, responsible for themselves and to their communities. Family stability is fostered through home-based case management, family counseling, advocacy, housing and entitlement assistance. With the availability of parent support groups, parent-child play groups, parent education and crisis intervention, vulnerable families are helped to develop strategies and techniques to effectively and appropriately respond to their children, mitigating the damage of homelessness, drug exposure, violence, physical and mental illness, low birth weight and neglect. These comprehensive programs provide at-risk families with the nurturing and stability they need to ensure that their children are well cared for and protected. The goal is to help families to become strong advocates for themselves and break the cycles of abuse, neglect and despair that often accompany grinding poverty.

In the last year, 98 families with a total of 257 children were served.