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About Us

Advocates for Science & Math Education founded New Orleans Center for Science & Math, a partnership between the private sector and the public schools. The school is a specialty science and math high school which admits a broad range of learners without "testing in" or grade requirements. Our belief is that, in a hands-on curriculum of applied science and math, even students who did not achieve academic success previously, but who have a demonstrated interest in science or math, will be able to meet the challenges of such subjects. New Orleans Center for Science & Math is unique in admitting such a broad range of students to its half-day program, and draws students from the best and the worst high schools in New Orleans. The student body is 93% African-American, 70% poverty-level or below, 63% female. Success is indicated by the 93% of the Class of2001 who were admitted to colleges. Our students passed the High Schools That Work exam in numbers almost three times that of the national average.

Our Technology Academy trains students for computer industry certifications; and, to date, 14 of our students have earned 32 certifications including Microsoft MCP through MCSE and A+ and Network+. 80% of our students pass these exams on the first try, compared to the national average of 20-30%.

ITCareers has been launched as a certification training program for the community. ITC trains low-income people as well as corporate clients, earning income to support the technology growth at the school. Our instructors have earned the highest ratings of any trainer in the H1BVisa program in New Orleans. These are the same faculty members who teach our high school students, and fees from ITC help supplement their teacher pay, retaining this important talent to teach our kids.

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